Global Sailing, established in 2002 for the first time in Turkey as a sailing center with a sailing club, boutique hotel, marinette and restaurant; is active in the fields of education, sports and tourism.

Global Sailing, founded by the Karamanoğlu Family after five years of traveling the world with their sailboat Deriska, with the aim of taking Turkish sailors up to global standards; even today, continues to inspire the maritime sector with the sailing and maritime trainings given, the athletes trained and the sailing scholarships provided to village children.

It is a center that lives 365 days with the purposes of ensuring that people of all ages have access to sailing in Turkey, bringing sailing training standards up to world standards, spreading maritime culture to a wider audience and aiming to offer a privileged accommodation and unique tastes of the Turkish and World cuisines for their guests.

Global Sailing, which, together with Global Sailing Academy and Gökova Sailing Club, adopts providing a unique service in all fields and offering different experiences to its guests as a principle; has started the Corporate Transformation Process as of 2020 and continues on this path in order to provide a more peaceful and happy working environment for its employees.