Global Sailing, from Dream to Reality;

The story of Global Sailing begins when during their World Travels with their sailing boat Deriska between 1988-1993, Haluk Karamanoğlu and his family realized the lack of an organization in Turkey that would serve seamen and sailors, making them love maritime.


Having completed his world trip, Haluk Karamanoğlu and his family bought the land in Karacasöğüt with the dream of creating Global Sailing and started living there.


Global Marin Sportif Denizcilik A.Ş., which would be a roof for Global Sailing's commercial activities, was established.


Global Sailing Marinette’s pier was completed.


Global Sailing Facility started to serve global and Turkish sailors and Global Sailing Boutique Hotel hosted its first guests. The Galley Restaurant, within the Boutique Hotel, was opened and started serving delights from Turkish and World cuisine. Global Sailing Marinette started operating. Gökova Sailing Club was established for sailing and sports activities, and the first sailing camp, mostly consisting of the children of Karacasöğüt Village, was held in July with 15 students.


Turkey's first Boarding Sailing Camp was held as a Gökova Sailing Club organization within the body of Global Sailing with the participation of 18 students.


Turkey Distributorships of global brands like Nimbus, Nordest, Propguard, Olimpic Sails, Oppi, Laser and Optiparts brands were taken tso provide better service to the maritime sector.


The capacity of Boarding Sailing Camps went up to 46 with the addition of the bungalows.


Global Sailing Charter department was formed. Entered the bareboat charter sector with 6 Harmony brand sailing boats. To carry the sailing education and organizations forward, the Turkey distributorship of the Skippi brand which is a type of One Design Sportsboat was acquired and started serving with a fleet of 6 boats. Blue Education Trip Camping Program begun. Global Sailing Academy A.Ş. was formed to fulfill the demands in sailing and camping organizations and to take success to a higher level. After strong interests, Global Sailing Academy started adult sailing course programs.


The number of students joining sailing camps in Global Sailing organization reached 1000.


Global Sailing Academy gained the accreditation and so the authority to implement the program of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) of England, known as the world’s best sailing education program. Furthermore, it became a first by obtaining the authorisation of educating sailing instructors of Yacht and Dinghy categories within the National Sailing Education Program.


Global Sailing Academy added 20 new RS Sailing brand training boats to its fleet for education.


Sail-Tech Adventure, which provides sailing and multimedia education to young people, has started. The Wellness & Spa within the Global Sailing Boutique Hotel came into service.


Global Sailing’s corporate transformation process started in a professional manner, with the help of a special consultancy service taken.