Mission & Vision


Our Vision

To be a national and international reference point

 of making sailing and maritime a part of everyday life

by offering the solutions and educations, 

in the most suitable environments, 

for 365 days.


Our Mission

Teaching sailing and maritime with the right methods, 

to anyone willing to learn as well as 

enabling them to live the joy and experience of being a part of nature. 


Our Values

Respectful to Nature


People Oriented

Problem Solver


Our Principles

Honesty and Sincerity

Qualified Service and Leadership

Loyalty to Ethical Rules

Environmental Responsibility and Passion for the Sea

Teamwork and Employee Satisfaction

Our Culture of Quality and Service

The Global Sailing culture of quality is based on thoroughly analyzing and responding to the needs. Every employee in Global Sailing internalizes this principle for the trust and satisfaction of everyone we come across.

Our culture of quality and service relies on the principles of change and growth. Our passion for sailing and maritime is our guidance towards success.